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Hon. Sabina Chege

Murang'a county women representative.

Dr. Stanley Kamau

Executive director, Ahadi Kenya Trust.

Pepe Minambo

Inspirational personality in Kenya.

Ms. Maria Wambui Ngegi

Psychologist: National Administrator.
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Problem Statement

Living a quality, effective life is a personal responsibility which begins by having knowledge on who you are, where you are and where you are going. Who you are or become is controlled by your attitude towards yourself and surrounding situations. It is a primary way of setting personal goals that facilitate focus and enthusiasm of achievement when all factors are held constant.

However, the factors and conditions surrounding us do not give chance to this ideas to take shape and that is what brings in guiding and counseling, so that no matter what, you are able to live and understand that; despite all shortcomings you have a chance to leave a quality life. Going by the bible teachings, God created each of us with a purpose and gave us this life we live to search the purpose and live it.

Ignoring the boy child and having the assumption that they are self directed is driving our country to almost unremarkable levels, this is draining their masculinity and their part of play in life. Most of our boys esteem is low they prefer being ‘kept’ by older relations because they have not been empowered, guided and encouraged to believe in themselves and be drivers of situations but instead situations are driving them at an alarming rate. This is why most of our Men are being abused, battered and ill treated because they are not aware of their boundaries of play in the family set up. They lack self awareness.

For instance, many Kenyan parents have different measures of parenting, there are those who feel that; good parenting is availing the basic needs in surplus and on the contrary those who are economically weak accept themselves as failures but hope to up their game when they make it in life. Their presence is insignificant in the matrix and in their own knowledge all is well. While being a good provider is a valid obligation, parent/guardian absenteeism erodes social control and high level of delinquencies in families. Parenting in Kenya lack seriousness and is losing focus as days go by and that explains the teen confusion in our country. Teenage is a very radical age full of exploration; this is that age when they pull away from parents/guardians/authority in effort of creating their own social world of friends (Eric Ericson). They experiment with their own individuality,... Read more

Fouder's Message

As the world settles into the 21st Century and beyond, embracing the culture of mentorship, guidance and counseling, entrepreneurship and sex education has become a cardinal issue. However, the failure of schools, parents and teachers to embrace these social issues and incorporate them in education remains a glaring reminder of the failed objectives and missed targets in regard to social education. Kenya represents a cardinal example where students have little knowledge in social education, sex, and moral issues.

Parents have shied away from their traditional responsibilities of parenting their children. This has increased the pressure on teachers and students to seek avenues for meeting daily needs of development. It has increased the misunderstanding and stress levels among children due to the parenting gap. Rudi Usome Organization with others has stepped up in bridging this gap and is seeking support in the implementation of its objectives.

Radicalization of our youth is reaching alarming proportions, what is fretting us is the ability of a 30 year old (Kitonga boy) being able to pull almost an entire county down by masterminding a terrorist attack on innocent Kenyans of Mandera County. It just didn’t begin there at that age and many more have been and are being recruited. The parents, going by their words confessed they were equally amazed, that their son could do all that mess, that time was a Kitonga we do not know which youth will pull another trigger. Should we sit and wait? Get involved

We 'Rudi Usome' Organization in partnership and a member of the Kenya Counseling Psychology Association [KCPA] have adopted eradication strategy that includes measures to prevent more recruitments to illegal sects like sungu, sungu, mungiki, Taliban… just but to mention a few, by providing free teens online and offline counseling, mentorship and rehabilitation platform. The teens will meet with professional Counselors online who will listen and help resolve issues arising that may endanger their lives and even the nation. We are determined to deal with and halt the conditions that alienate our youth or push them into terrorism to make this a better secure nation.... Read more