Who We Are

We are a national community based organization; we counsel and empower, individuals, couples, families, women and youth groups with diverse issues on behavioral, social, economic and emotional problems. Examples include: Radicalization…

What We Do

Experts have proven from time to time that ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and that ‘it is possible to change your situation depending on the choices you make in life’ This is reason Rudi Usome Kenya Counselling Experts are keen in changing…

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RU-Kenya organization conducts regular campaigns for teen mothers to go back to school and continue learning after giving birth. We go an extra mile of harmonizing relationship with parents, teachers and peers for a successful integration and transition. We believe in #secondchancefor teenmums. Poverty, lower educational level, inadequate family support, and stigma contribute to negative health outcomes for both...read more

Stop Child Labour


In collaboration with other child welfare organizations, we ensure school going children get the chance to exploit their right to education. We create awareness to the parents on importance of their children having basic education. We keep mobilizing communities and empowering them to work at a grassroots level on practical solutions to address root causes of child labor.

Economic Empowerement Of Women And Youth


Women and youth are a potential economic engine that could take their communities a long way towards stability and economic prosperity. At Ru-Kenya we believe in the need to strengthen local economies, by providing socio-economic opportunities for vulnerable community members to engage in viable livelihoods to support themselves and their families.



We show you a direct, concise and easy to follow path towards financial independence, debt free living and profitable investing. We run open workshops on a monthly basis or in house for Corporate Clients and Investment Groups with an objective to bring women together to have conversations about Money. Money issues have been known to affect women in a unique way including their personal...read more